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What would happen if the United States government suddenly went bankrupt?

An ancient beheading and a 200-yeard-old prediction foretell the inevitable consequences of blind ambition and the abuse of power in this thought-provoking, passionate challenge to conventional political wisdom. cover

Maverick Senator Henley Hornbrook fights against unscrupulous President Winston Dillard while a nationwide tax revolt plunges the country into chaos before Hornbrook unveils a stunning plan that will forever change the nation and preserve its destiny.

Is The Hornbrook Prophecy fiction or prediction? In a classic confrontation between government oppression and rugged individualism, this Robert Wickes' novel will spark debate from the classroom to the bar room about a new, principled hero who fights for more than the girl and the gold.

"... a nationwide taxpayer revolt puts the government on the brink of bankruptcy. The resultant chaos causes a desperate... power-hungry, president to declare a state of emergency, to suspend upcoming elections, to bar Congress from meeting. [The President blames] Senator Hornbrook for the national crisis... Major Eagle McCall, a special aide to Senator Hornbrook, warns his brother-in-law, Tom Warner, of the imminent riots and rebellion and [the] danger about to hit urban America. Tom and his family leave Los Angeles to drive to safety in a less-populated area in Washington State...

"During their 1300 mile trip from Los Angeles to McCall's home in Washington State, the Warner family face gas shortages, carjackers, roadblocks, armed renegades, and gunshot wounds. The previously quiet rural valley is shattered when an armed mob of militant activists, seeking vengeance against Henley Hornbrook...

"The fast-paced action ... and surprise ending kept me turning pages late into the night. Robert Wickes gives the reader an entertaining and informative glimpse into the political system's inner working....

"This is a book for readers who want to see reform in government and a return to the original intent of the Constitution of the founding fathers of our country. The novel lends itself to an exchange of ideas in discussion groups, or in the classroom. In The Hornbrook Prophecy, Wickes shows great promise of becoming a best-selling author in the area of political intrigue and adventure novels.


Reviewed by Richard R. Blake
for Reader Views



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