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Robert Wickes

Robert Wickes is an optometric physician in private practive for more than three decades. With his wife of over 36 years, he has two sons: an aspiring kindergarten teacher and an F22 fighter pilot.

Robert has served his community as a Boy Scout leader, soccer coach, Rotarian, Chamber of Commerce President, and political volunteer.

After coordinating a community education program called, "It's a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World," he wrote The Myth America Pageant: How Government & Politics REALLY Affect the Ordinary Joe, an often amusing look at often-confusing national issues and the grand game of politics, blending history, common sense, and controversy in a thought-provoking, convention-challenging analysis for ordinary Americans. His essay, "Saving Private America," was published in The Sentinel of the U.S. Army. His passion is liberty.



Books By Robert Wickes

The Hornbrook Prophecy is a political thriller that explores what might happen if the government suddenly went bankrupt.


One senator sees the looming danger, and one family takes to the road through an increasingly chaotic America as the world begins to crumble.

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In The Myth America Pageant: How Government & Politics REALLY Affect the Ordinary Joe you'll learn

myth america
  • What really causes wars
  • Why democracies really fail
  • Why stock markets really crash
  • How we could really fix social security
  • Why 1996 was more important than 1776
  • How to create 35 million jobs
  • How to pull the plug on lobbyists
  • Why our debt is four times what you think

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